Vancouver-based ANDROMO has been steadily building his career towards becoming one of today’s most intriguing artists. Born in El Salvador, and now residing in Canada, ANDROMO’s music has hit the ear’s of diverse listeners. Charged with emotion, his music blends lush melodies over driving percussion to create a dynamic atmosphere on the dance floor.

As an Architect, ANDROMO is fascinated by his environment. Whether it be the dense rainforests of his native land, or the mountainous terrain of Vancouver, every backdrop is an opportunity to inspire the musician. He approaches sound, similarly to how he approaches architecture. You could say that the environment is in a way, continuously scoring the soundtrack to his life.

In 2004, ANDROMO launched his lauded brand Rainforest Music. Responsible for hosting some of the finest parties across Central America, Rainforest Music encompasses a talented team of creative minds with ANDROMO leading the way. 2018 was a milestone year, as ANDROMO expanded the brand, launching Rainforest Music Records. This past December, ANDROMO released his very first solo work on the label; Day Attack is a 2-track EP that embodies his musical vision.

ANDROMO’s pure talent does not go unnoticed. His tracks are charted and regularly played out by industry leaders such as Mr.C, Steve Bug, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Three, Droog, and many others. In July 2017, he was signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, with his track “This Just Then” appearing on Bedrock’s Frequencies album. Less than a year later, ANDROMO made his debut on the highly-acclaimed Culprit imprint with his 5-track EP, Drawn to Dawn.

As a performer, ANDROMO commands the dance floor. His sets include groovy techno to minimal and tech house. Constantly re-editing tracks using Ableton Live, ANDROMO strives to make every set a unique experience. These efforts have caught the attention of promoters around the world. His Latin roots have seen him play many of the most prestigious venues and events throughout Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, and Costa Rica. And yet, ANDROMO’s music has brought him far beyond the neighboring borders of El Salvador. Over the past few years, ANDROMO has enjoyed numerous gigs across Europe and North America. He was recently booked in Berlin, techno’s undisputed capital of the world, where he performed at Salon Zur Wilden Renate and Sisyphos.

Since moving to Vancouver in 2015, ANDROMO has dominated the club circuit. His status as an integral tastemaker amongst the underground community is recognized by all. It didn’t take long before ANDROMO was reverently invited to hold a residency at Vancouver’s renowned Gorg-o-mish nightclub. Catch him bringing his eclectic house sound to the intimate venue on any given night.

As ANDROMO looks ahead to 2019, he is eager to spread his sound and connect with music lovers around the world. An artist bound by no genre, but rather the endless sounds of life around us, ANDROMO creates music that is truly universal.

Record Label:
Bedrock Records, Culprit LA, Mother Recordings, Superfreq, Rainforest Music, Viva Recordings, Tilted Records, Muted Gold, Tulipa Recordings, Fade Records, Capital Heaven, Savia Park, Danzon Records

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Instragram: @andromo

Twitter: @andromo