Now based in Vancouver based, ANDROMO has been playing for the past  2 decades at some of the most prestigious venues and events in Latin America, offering club goers a taste of his fresh techy eclectic house each and every weekend. His sets include groovy minimal, tech house all the way to techno. Constantly re-editing tracks using Ableton Live, Andromo’s ongoing desire to make every set stand out from the others is very evident. The music emanating from the man is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound. On the floor, where it really matters, his crowd experience all the peaks and troughs that make his music so unique. All this comes with vision and experience. As one of the hardest working Producer and Djs in Latin America, he is the creator and director of Rainforest Music, an electronic music artist collective, representing the best and most acclaimed Djs around central and South America. Rainforest Music parties are unique and trendy hosting Globe Trotting Djs to Salvadorean finest crowd. His team includes photographers, designers, creatives, audio engineers, and web programmers feeding the movement with top class work! His rise to the top has been the result of pure talent and dedication, taking him across boundaries, playing tat The BPM Festival, Sysiphos and Wilden Renate in Berlin, Rote Sonne in Munich, the Legendary Gorg-O-Mish in Vancouver, Brooklyn Warehouse, Manhattan Rave, Mexico City, La Kasa Medellin, Dorian Grey Cordoba and Bahrein Buenos Aires, Argentina, Piso 33 y Dominica in Santiago, Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras and Vertigo Costa Rica to name a few. Alejandro’s passion for music over throws the boundaries of just playing records, he is a music entrepreneur. 

Record Label:
Bedrock Records, Culprit LA, Mother Recordings, Viva Recordings, Muted Gold, Tulipa Recordings, Fade Records, Capital Heaven, Savia Park, Danzon Records


Instragram: @andromo
Twitter: @andromo